Use a custom domain

When setting up a Stack, it’s assigned a sub-domain based on your app’s name, which is convenient for testing purposes. However, for a production environment, you’d prefer your application to be accessible through your own domain.

Let’s see how you can direct traffic to your site from your desired domain.

Set a CNAME record

First, let’s get your current domain name. You can find your current staas’s domain name in your dashboard:

The easiest way to direct traffic to your site is by creating a CNAME record for your custom domain that points to your host. For instance, if your custom domain is and your app is named myawesomeapp7520, you can set up a CNAME record in’s DNS settings like this:


You’ll need to configure this with your DNS provider.

Now, accessing will tell the DNS system to look up and return its results.

HTTPS Certificate


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