Entry Points

Running your application on Staas.io generally requires minimal changes to your application. One essential requirement is specifying which parts of your application are executable on the platform.

An entry point or Procfile is a configuration file that specifies the commands that are executed by the app on startup. It provides instructions to Staas.io on how to run the application. The Procfile is particularly important because it tells Staas.io which parts of your application are runnable.

For example, if you have a web application built with Node.js, your Procfile might look like this:

web: node server.js

Or for Python, it could look like this:

web: python manage.py runserver

In this example, web is the process type, and node server.js or python manage.py runserver are the commands that starts your Node.js/Django server. When you deploy your application to Staas.io, it reads the Procfile and knows how to start your app.


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